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  • Automatic capture and store of all inbound, outbound, and internal e-mail
  • Compatible with Linux or Windows operating systems.
  • Works fluidly with MS Exchange and Google Apps mail.

Special Pricing

  • Hosted Cloud solution for $795.00/year for up to 50 mailboxes
  • Small Business and Virtual Server Edition (Software Only) for $1,200.00. Supports up to 50 mailboxes.

Free Software Licence

  • Provide your own hardware
  • Free community-driven support
  • Professional Support available for purchase
Free Software Downlaod

Click here for a 15-day FREE Trial

  • Archive email messages for e-discovery compliance.
  • Reduce the storage requirements on your mail server.
  • Quickly search archived messages using a web browser
  • Recover deleted messages in minutes
  • View the content of all messages inbound, outbound and internal
  • Available as an appliance, software only or VMware Server
  • 15 minute installation

Can your IT Department Retrieve Emails With Any Content Upon Demand?

Scenario 2: Purchasing received a great quote 6 months ago for IT equipment. The email was mistakenly deleted and it contained a call back number and email address. It could take several hours, possibly days, to track down the salesman and hope that the price is still valid. Your buyer is frantic and eager to save the budget. How quickly can you search and retrieve this email and save the day?

Email Archive Server stores a copy of all incoming, outgoing and internal messages created on your mail server. There is no limit to the amount of email storage – you choose how many years (we recommend at least 3) of email to store and we’ll recommend the drive capacity. Your Email Archive has been running for 8 months. Without having to load any backups, you query the archives by email address, date and vendor name. After a few minutes, you find the quote, email it to the buyer and head out to your department lunch.

Running Out of Space On Your Mail Server?

Scenario 3:   Your mail server now contains over 2 years of email.  The lack of storage space is becoming evident:  slow processing, searches taking longer, increased server load.  Backing up these files to disk is an option, but not preferred.  Is there another way?

With an Email Archive Server, there is an easy migration path to relieve your mail server without sacrificing records.  Once you install the Email Archive Server, you simply export the historical records and import them onto the eMail Archive Server.  In the production mode, a copy of all incoming and outgoing email will now reside on your Email Archive Server.


You can download the E-Mail Archive software to evaluate it on your hardware platform. It support Windows and Linux Operating Systems. Click here to request the E-Mail Archive Software NOW!